GK Machine Controls Becoming a Reality

As you may know, GK Technology has been a multi-pronged mapping and data collection business for 7 years with solutions to allow you to create zone maps, sample grids, write VRT prescriptions to most every product on the market.  We also have solutions for drainage, taking RTK data or LiDAR data from many sources and creating flow models of what the water is doing in a field.  This allows users to design surface and tile drainage projects and take them to the field as background maps.  

This has been a  point of contention for many years.  There are several “Machine Controllers” on the market and we have not been 100{b4c4b3c31b85440e5ca5306e00628c0f48be4a5135888c167a359bacb50b7c0d} impressed with any of them.  It has been an in-house discussion about creating a “GK Machine Control” to run the depth controls of the scrapper / tile plow / tillage tools from ADMS (Ag Data Mapping Solutions) software.  

That is now becoming a reality.  With some improvements we have made the last few years on machine controls for other products, the concept is very close to taking flight.  GK Technology will be releasing a drainage control package in 2014.  Plans are to have control of tools in both the tile and surface drainage market.  

We plan to keep you updated on our progress and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.