Field Operations Data Model - FODM

Ag Data Mapping Solution along with many other software packages for precision agriculture have their capability extended thanks to Ted Macy's vision at MapShots.

By adding in drivers (FODD's) for various controllers, Ag Data Mapping Solution can export to many different controllers. By default Ag Data Mapping Solution ships with the AGCO FODD's pre-installed by the software. 

Thank You!

to the people at Mapshots for creating and maintaining FODM.


If you are going to utilize additional capabilities there are various downloads from Mapshots that are used to complete the system.

  1. Install Field Operations Viewer

  2. John Deere GS1 FODD

  3. Johns Deere GS2 FODD

  4. USDA-ARS Yield Editor Software

  5. Visit the FODD Home Page and choose for yourself from the list of FODD's that are needed for your operation.

  6. FODD Truck Crop Yield