Data Links

Data Links connects you to sites where we download background data for use in our software. We are not a data storage company, there are plenty of sites out there storing data for downloads. If you are like us, you have had a hard time finding the data you are looking for, so we put together some links. Along with the link is a guide to what useful data to get from this site.

To use data in GK Tech software, it should be downloaded in UTM Zone "xx" or if not an option try Lat/Lon. Also, all downloads should be in .SHP - Shape File, .TIF, .SID or .ECW formats. There are no guarantees that the data you download will work in our software, due to many variables in file encoding and projection. If you have problems please let us know.

Please drop us a line if you know of any other sites that you have found helpful for getting data and what data you are getting from that site. Data can be very local for your area, national or international, we will try to get them added to our Data Links page. Also, please let us know if any of the links are not working. 

Scihub Copernicus Open Access Hub

Link to Copernicus


Copernicus Open Access Hub is the source for Downloading Sentinel 2A & 2B satellite imagery. This site and the data are a products from the ESA (European Space Agency), so please be respectful if you have problems and need support. They DO NOT need to share this data with us! This data is 10 meter satellite imagery that has been flown since the fall of 2015 to present. On average you will find that there is a new image every 5 days, there is a LOT of data here. Thanks to all the folks at Copernicus for all the data and access!


  • Some of the imagery from 2015 to mid 2016 may not work in ADMS. The band order and layout was different, and ADMS cannot de-compile the image. Generally, data from 2017 to present has worked well.
  • You must use ADMS 64 bit to process the data. Images are too large for 32 bit.

U.S. Census Bureau

Link to U.S. Census Bureau


The US Census Bureau is a great supplier for basic county data such as Roads, Railroads, Waterways and Townships. The files to download are the “edges” files for Roads, Railroads and Waterways. The “cousub” file will give you useable Township data for most areas. Suggest using the “FTP” option for downloading.

-NOTE: You will need to know your Federal Information Processing System (FIPS) numbers for your State and Counties. We are sharing two links here, same code numbers, different formats.

--USDA FIPS Codes -

--US Census Bureau FIPS Codes -

USDA Geospatial

Link to USDA Geospatial


USDA Geospatial site has background data that is very helpful in ADMS. They have many years of NAIP (National Agriculture Imagery Program) images, township & section boundaries, roads and elevation data. This is some of the most useful data we get for farmers in the USA. Follow the instructions below to get some great data.

Downloading Geospatial Data.pdf


Link to USGS


The USGS hosts up many different options for imagery.  We do NOT support all the imagery options on the site.  The information here will guide you through using the Landsat 5, 7, 8, & 9 data.  Hope you find lots of useful data.  Thanks to the USGS for hosting this data!

Helpful .pdf links below -
  • EarthExplorer for downloading and navigating the USGS Site
  • ADMSLandsat for processing downloaded data

USGS – EarthExplorer -


Manitoba Land Initiative

Link to Manitoba Land Initiative


Manitoba Land Initiative has a great supply of background data. You will find mostly road, water, soils, municipal, elevation, and imagery maps.

Iowa LiDAR Mapping

Link to Iowa LiDAR Mapping


Iowa LiDAR Mapping Project is a source for downloading LiDAR for the whole state of Iowa. Follow the instructions in the ADMS user manual.

Iowa LiDAR Data.pdf

Minnesota IT Services

Link to Minnesota IT Services


The Minnesota IT Services is the source for downloading LiDAR data for all of Minnesota.  The  data is hosted via an FTP Site.   This elevation data has an accuracy of 6 inches vertical in the Red River Basin and 8 inches vertical for the rest of the state.  Please note all the data for Minnesota on this site is in UTM 15. 

MN FTP Download.pdf

ND LiDAR Dissemination Mapservice

Link to ND LiDAR Dissemination Mapservice


The ND LiDAR Dissemination Mapservice has all the available data for ND.  The site is run by the state water commission.

ND Dissemination-Download Lidar Data.pdf