GK Technology Business Partnerships

Companies collaborating with GK Technology to make precision farming more economically viable for the future.

Rust Sales Inc.

Rust Sales Inc. is a short-line agricultural implement dealership specializing in precision solutions for surface and sub-surface farm drainage.  Family owned and operated since 1969, Rust Sales, Inc. carries short-line equipment for tillage, spraying, and grain handling; and also manufactures and distributes the NYB sprayer line, and the Hopper Walker®.


Seed Research Equipment Solutions

SRES equipment is designed and built with precise detail because they are the only research plot planter manufacturer that concentrates specifically on plot research equipment.

Seed Research Equipment Solutions is dedicated to producing the most versatile, efficient, ergonomic and comfortable seed research planters available on the market today. Their research plot equipment and seeders are manufactured to plant more seed in wider varieties, faster and with greater accuracy.
Toll Free: 877-357-7737 - Phone: 620-728-1280


Croptimistic Technology Inc.

Croptimistic Technology Inc. created the SWAT Ecosystem of products. SWAT MAPS is the pinnacle of the SWAT Ecosystem. Soil, Water, and Topography MAPS are high resolution soil foundation maps used to execute variable rate fertilizer, seed, soil amendment, herbicide and precision water management. They are built using the SWAT trademarked and patented process. Farmers and consultants across North America are using ADMS software to complete this process.
Brad Dunnington   -   Saskatchewan

Contact: sales@swatmaps.com