Welcome to AG GEEK SPEAK

AG Geek Speak is your new source for the latest and greatest news, technology, tips and tricks in precision agriculture and agronomy. Join Sarah Lovas and Jodi Boe as they share more about the industry, explore the field, talk to the experts in precision agriculture and keep you at the forefront of technology.

3. Agronomists Happy Hour Meets Ag Geek Speak Part 1

Jason Hanson and Kyle Okke of Agronomists Happy Hour podcast ( meet Sarah and Jodi to discuss their backgrounds in precision agriculture. An exciting conversation ensues. This is the first part of a multi-part interview with AHH. Check back for additional parts of this interview.

2. Darin Johnson & Kelly Sharpe Part 2 - Starting an Ag Software Company

Darin Johnson and Kelly Sharpe discuss how they took Darin's fledgling software company GK Technology into what it is today.

1. Darin Johnson & Kelly Sharpe - Pioneering Precision Agriculture

In this week's episode, Sarah and Jodi talk with owners of GK Technology Darin Johnson and Kelly Sharpe. Darin and Kelly discuss how they got into precision agriculture in the first place and paint a picture of what the beginning of the industry looked like.

Check Out Our Introductory Episode

Listen in as Jodi Boe and Sarah Lovas talk about GK Technology's new podcast, Ag Geek Speak. Learn what you can expect to hear about from the show from some of the best agronomists around.