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11. Accounting for Field Variability with Dr. Dave Franzen

A special podcast episode with Dr. Dave Franzen, who on June 13th is celebrating 30 years at NDSU! 🎓🌱 In honor of his incredible three-decade journey in extension soil fertility work, we're sharing our insightful conversation with Dr. Franzen. Tune in to hear about the evolution of his career and the fascinating history of precision soil sampling.

10. Making Water Flow with Paul Fuller Part 2

In part two of the conversation, Paul Fuller discusses the history of drainage, starting with the first known drain tile in the United States in 1838. He shares the story of John Johnston, who used clay tiles to improve his farm's productivity. The conversation then moves on to the installation of drain tile, including the use of hand-dug clay tiles in the past and the modern methods of tile installation. Surface drainage planning is explored, with a focus on determining the elevation of the field and finding the most effective outlets. The use of LIDAR data in drainage planning is also discussed, highlighting its accuracy and limitations. The chapter concludes with a discussion on getting started with drain tile planning, emphasizing the importance of identifying the outlet and utilizing resources like ADMS software tutorials. In this conversation, Paul Fuller discusses various aspects of drain tile planning and water management. He emphasizes the importance of gathering initial information and conducting watershed modeling to determine the right approach. Paul also explains the process of surface drainage and proposing mains, as well as determining tile spacing using online calculators. He highlights the significance of soil maps and discusses the different approaches to tile drainage in various regions. Additionally, Paul explores alternative water management techniques such as conservation drainage and drain tile water recycling. The conversation concludes with tips for effective tile planning and the role of Kendra in naming the podcast.

9. Making Water Flow with Paul Fuller Part 1

In this conversation, Paul Fuller, a drainage expert, discusses various aspects of drainage and precision agriculture. He shares his personal background and how he got started in the field. The conversation covers the importance of surface drainage and the promotion of tile drainage. Paul also talks about his work with SD Drain and the different locations where he has worked on drainage projects. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the planning process for drainage and the importance of having a good drainage plan.

8. The Art of Crop Planning with Josh Stutrud Part 2

In this conversation, Sarah and Jodi talk with special guest Josh Stutrud about

  • Protein monitors on combines
  • What data from protein monitors can help farmers manage (protein levels! not only for segregation of grain but for management of nitrogen)
  • Nitrogen management and determining nitrogen use efficiency (NUE)
  • Factors that can influence NUE
  • How Josh plans to use See & Spray (TM)  technology this upcoming season

You can find the first part of this conversation here (https://www.buzzsprout.com/2297340)

Josh can be found on Instagram @ndbarleyfarmer

If you want to work with Josh on research on this topic or have specific questions for him regarding the technology he's implementing on his farm, reach out to us at GK (https://gktechinc.com/contact-us/) and we will be happy to share you Josh's additional contact information.

Additional resources:
Paper shared by Dr. Rigas Karamanos on nitrogen partitioning in hard red spring wheat, figure 2: https://www2.nrel.colostate.edu/assets/nrel_files/labs/paul-lab/docs/NREL_Paul_Campbell_cjss78-004.pdf

7. The Art of Crop Planning with Josh Stutrud Part 1

In this conversation, Sarah and Jodi talk with special guest Josh Stutrud, a farmer from north of Rugby, North Dakota, to discuss the importance of managing protein in malting barley. Josh strives to use cutting-edge precision technology to more efficiently manage inputs on every acre. Farming in the Prairie Pothole region means that Josh deals with variability in pretty much every field that he and his dad farm. Managing protein for malt barley means managing variability.  This is part one of a two-part discussion with Josh, so make sure to come back in two weeks to check out the second part of this conversation.

6. Precision Agriculture and Who is using it

This week Sarah and Jodi dive into defining precision agriculture and talk about who uses what precision ag technology where. Resources discussed in this episode include:

CropLife Magazine & Purdue University 2023 Precision Agriculture Dealership Survey (https://ag.purdue.edu/digitalag/precision-agriculture-dealer-survey.html)

Adoption Determinants of Precision Agriculture Technologies and Conservation Agriculture: Evidence from South Dakota (https://ageconsearch.umn.edu/record/315934?ln=en) 

5. Agronomists Happy Hour Meets Ag Geek Speak Part 3

Jason Hanson and Kyle Okke of Agronomists Happy Hour podcast (https://agronomistshappyhour.com/) continue their conversation with Sarah and Jodi, looking to the future of how precision agriculture can be used on-farm in new and creative ways. You can find part one and two of this conversation on our podcast website here (https://www.buzzsprout.com/2297340). Or look below.

4. Agronomists Happy Hour Meets Ag Geek Speak Part 2

Jason Hanson and Kyle Okke of Agronomists Happy Hour podcast (https://agronomistshappyhour.com/) continue their conversation with Sarah and Jodi, delving deeper into how each use and view precision agriculture with the grower customers. This is the second part of a three part interview with AHH. You can find episode one here (https://www.buzzsprout.com/2297340). Check back for part three.

3. Agronomists Happy Hour Meets Ag Geek Speak Part 1

Jason Hanson and Kyle Okke of Agronomists Happy Hour podcast (https://agronomistshappyhour.com/) meet Sarah and Jodi to discuss their backgrounds in precision agriculture. An exciting conversation ensues. This is the first part of a multi-part interview with AHH. Check back for additional parts of this interview.

2. Darin Johnson & Kelly Sharpe Part 2 - Starting an Ag Software Company

Darin Johnson and Kelly Sharpe discuss how they took Darin's fledgling software company GK Technology into what it is today.

1. Darin Johnson & Kelly Sharpe - Pioneering Precision Agriculture

In this week's episode, Sarah and Jodi talk with owners of GK Technology Darin Johnson and Kelly Sharpe. Darin and Kelly discuss how they got into precision agriculture in the first place and paint a picture of what the beginning of the industry looked like.

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