2018 NAIP Download

2018 National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) imagery is starting to appear on the USDA GeoSaptial site. We suggest that you get on to the site and get it downloaded.

https://gktechinc.com/data-links/   – click on the “——USDA Geospatial—–” header.

You will notice there are a couple new twists.

  1. The data is not in the same site as it was a couple years ago. Click on the “ADMS User Manual Help File – Downloading Geospatial Data” button on the GK Technology – Data Links website. The last 3 pages will walk you through the NAIP imagery.
  2. There NRCS is distributing the 2018 NAIP data as
    • a. “n or nc”  – Normal Red/Green/Blue (RGB) image. This will look like the NAIP’s you are used to seeing. Great for visual and drawing boundaries.
    • b. “c or cir” – Color InfraRed (CIR) image, which is Near InfraRed/Green/Red, and some are Near InfraRed/Red/Green from what I have found. CIR image will look “red” where there is vegetation / chlorophyll and “gray or white” where there is little to no vegetation / chlorophyll. CIR’s are awesome for making ZONE maps.

NOTE: the 2 files is a new issue, not highlighted in the step 1 instructions.

Suggest Naming  NAIPS like this CountyName NAIP 2018-NC.sid or CountyName NAIP 2018-CIR.sid.

GK Staff is suggesting that you download both sets of NAIP imagery.

ADMS -Note: When you turn on the CIR data, you will need to change the band order. This is done by clicking on the “Multi-Band Layer Display” button on the bottom tool bar once you have the NAIP image.sid file back in ADMS. See pictures below. This is a “one time” change on the .sid, clicking the “Apply” button will automatically “Save”, so DO NOT click Save again.

Original coming in (Multi-Band button)          Adjusted Settings (click “Sentinel 3”)

Best of luck. Let us know if you have questions.