Truck Crop Yield Monitor

The Result of Joint Venture

This product is a joint adventure with KB Manufacturing of Fisher, MN.

KB provides the load cells and hardware for a truck weight monitoring system.

GK adds the PC & software to make a complete yield monitoring / mapping system which has been tested for over 10 years.

This allows users to track individual loads back to the location in the field, also watch a yield coverage map be created while harvesting.


The Hardware

One of the bogie wheels on each side of a chain is replaced with a bogie mounted on a load cell.

For mini-tank harvesters with a scrub chain, the scrub chain is the preferred location. This allows for full use of the tank with no effect on yield mapping.

If it is not a mini-tank harvester, then the load cells are mounted in the truck loading conveyor.

A speed sensor is placed on a shaft collar of the conveyor on which the load cells are mounted.

This senses conveyor speed and allows the monitor to calculate a lbs/sec of sugar beet flow.

The leads from the load cells and the conveyor speed sensor come together into a junction box and one 1/4" wire is sent to the tractor cab for hooking to the display.

The Software

Beet Yield Monitor for the Tablet PC

  1. Select the “Field” in the upper right box
  2. Select the “Crop” in the upper right box
  3. Select the “Variety” in the upper right box
  4. Click “Start”
  5. View harvest information in the lower right box