Truck Crop Yield Monitoring / Mapping

Monitor - KB Manufacturing of Fisher, MN, provides the load cells and hardware for a truck weight monitoring system.

Mapping - GK adds the PC software to make a complete yield monitoring / mapping system which has been tested for over 16 years.

Mapping - GK-John Deere Yield Mapping Interface connects to Deere displays to do Yield Mapping on our Deere system.


The Hardware - Yield Monitor

To purchase or find out more about the hardware for the Potato & Sugar Beet Yield Monitor, visit the KB MFG. website to below.

For support on the hardware and monitoring system, contact Scott Knutson.

yield monitor

PC Software - Yield Mapping

Beet Yield Mapping for the Tablet PC

  1. Select the “Field” in the upper right box
  2. Select the “Crop” in the upper right box
  3. Select the “Variety” in the upper right box
  4. Click “Start”
  5. View harvest information in the lower right box


GK-John Deere to KB Yield Interface System

Beet Yield Mapping for John Deere 2630 & Compatible 4600 series Monitor

NOTE: Customer must have:

  • John Deere Yield Documentation, Specialty Crop (1120) ISO application controller
  • KB MFG Truck Crop Yield Monitoring hardware with (2012 or newer Cal Chip).
  1. GK Interface harness and interface box will plug into existing wiring.
  2. Setup the ISO components on the John Deere Monitor.
  3. Mapping and data collection will happen on your 2630 or 4600 series display.