Beet Yield Monitor Change Log

Tablet PC

August 26, 2013 - Version 3.1.0

  1. Added a Sugar Percent Column to the Loads Database
  2. Added a text box to view GPS strings in the GPS Config.
  3. Added the Find GPS button to the GPS setup dialog.
  4. For a special use, removed a requirement that a load record had to have area before a load could be written to the database.
  5. Added a trap to the View Loads routine, that would throw an error if no loads exist in the database.

September 10, 2012 - Version 3.04

  1. Added a color change to the Left to load, the number is green up to the point the truck is loaded or a negative then turns red.
  2.  Seperated the Load Totals and averages, and the Field totals and averages on each side of the screen.
  3. On the loads database, added a gross weight in pounds. This makes for easier calibration.
  4. Got rid of Lat and Lon Displays, to allow for larger numbers for more releavent data such as ground speed.
  5. Added a load average in tons to the load database. Also added a SugarPerc Column more to come on that later.
  6. The “Loads” data base is sorted newest to oldest.
  7. The variety last selected is selected again on a restart.
  8. Updated code to handle 1hz or 5hz GPS writing just 1 per second and calc acres on the 1 per second.
  9. Changed the “Next Truck” to “Truck Loaded”
  10. On restarting the software, it remembers the last field that I was working on and loads that field.
  11. Map when zoomed in, now with slide to a new position instead of zooming to full extents when the cursor moves off the edge of the screen.
  12. Updated to automatically detect all software revision in the scale boxes.
  13. Reads and logs header status position switch if it is being used.
  14. Made the App a Full Screen App, no title bar using up screen space.