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Ag Data Mapping Solution
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Training videos are available on the ADMS Login site. Top menu / ADMS Login / click "Forgot your password" under the green login and you will receive a link to sign in. After you login, "ADMS Login" will change to "MyAccount". If that does not work, contact


Please bring your laptop PC, power cord & mouse and be ready to learn. We will supply ADMS user manual, snacks and refreshments throughout the day, lunch at noon and all the knowledge we can supply on ADMS, classes are $130/person/class (consultants package users free to attend).

All attendees must sign up!


We suggest having a two-monitor or two-device system. (One screen to watch & listen to the class and the second screen to work on and follow along with all that we do), and be ready to learn. The Online classes are free to sign up and attend, there is a $70 fee if you request “Materials” (2023 ADMS User Manual, USB with class data, Pen & Mouse Pad). Same materials as the “2023 Winter Training”.


  • Extensive library of videos on many topics above and beyond training classes

GK Office Building
305 5th St E
Halstad, MN
- lodging available at Fargo, Moorhead, Hillsboro, Grand Forks or Crookston

Schedule and Details:  ALL CLASSES ARE IN HALSTAD, MN

Monday, August 7 - 8:30-4:30pm - Drawing updates & Surface Shaping (Land Forming) 

  • Couple hours on drawing tools, giving tips and showing how to use effectively.  Remainder of the day will be working on Surface Shaping (Land Forming) tools in ADMS.

Tuesday, August 8 - 8:30am-4:30pm - Watershed & Tile Drainage

  • Morning session will be looking at RTK & Lidar processing and understanding "Watershed Modeling".  Afternoon will be going through the Tile Drainage design tools of ADMS.

Wednesday, August 9 - 8:30am-Noon - ADMS Updates

  • Review new tools in ADMS form the past year or two, also highlight common problems people have with ADMS
  • You will be required to SUBMIT a topic. Please be specific.

Wednesday, August 9 - 1pm-4:30pm - Consultant's Meeting

  • Review functions of the Consultant's package and go over "Consultant's - Submitted Questions".

Thursday, August 10 - 8:30am-4:30pm - Zone Creation & Variable Rate Creation / Exporting

  • Morning session will be processing multiple image sources and making management zones, then transfer over to the process of writing the Rx (Variable Rate) maps and exporting to the controllers.

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    Prices - $130 per day per person for onsite / in personal attendance

    $0 for Online attendance (Note Option of $70 online materials for US shipping)

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