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Ag Data Mapping Solution
Training Classes

Training videos are available on the ADMS Login site. Top menu / ADMS Login / click "Forgot your password" under the green login and you will receive a link to sign in. After you login, "ADMS Login" will change to "MyAccount". If that does not work, contact

Classes will be "in-person" and "online".

There will be one location with four classes offered.

Holiday Inn
3803 - 13th Ave S
Fargo, ND 58103

NO CHARGE FOR THE "ONLINE" CLASSES, but if you request materials; 2021 user manual / USB / pen / mousepad, you will receive a $70 invoice with the material.

First Class - $130
$100/each additional class
Consultant users - classes are free

Monday, August 9 , 8:30-4:30 all day
Ditching & Land Shaping
Start with a field that has watershed modeling done. Look at the benefit of ditch planning. Move into the idea of Land Shaping, cutting soil from knobs, filling in depressions and giving "Grade" to flat areas of fields.

Tuesday, August 10, 8:30-4:30 all day
RTK & Lidar & Tile
Show processing RTK Data and tools for processing RTK. Process Lidar data and use the watershed modeling tools, and go through Tile planning tools.

Wednesday, August 11 (morning) 8:30-noon
ADMS Updates
Go over ADMS updates and new tools from the past year. Also, look over other useful tools that you may not know about in ADMS.

Wednesday, April 11 (afternoon) 1:00-4:30
Consultants Meeting
Look at the consultants tools and how to use them. Most of the time will be spent on "Consultant" topics. Don't forget to get your topics in.

Thursday, August 12, 8:30-4:30 all day
Imagery, Zones & VRT
Look over importing imagery, touch on data sources, cutting imagery, merging data, creating management zones, writing VRT maps and exporting to controllers.

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    First class $130 - each additional class $100/each

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