Exciting Things Happening for GK Technology in 2022

Welcome to a new team member

Welcome Sarah!

First, GK would like to welcome Sarah Lovas to the GK Technology team. Sarah is a highly regarded agronomist based out of the Hillsboro, ND, area. She will be taking over much of the Agronomy, Mapping, Sales and Support for the Red River Valley and Northern North Dakota & Northern Minnesota area. Sarah is originally from the Hoople, ND, area graduated from NDSU with a BS in Ag Systems Management and a Masters in Soils Science. Sarah has 20 years of agronomy experience, starting out working on her family farm, sales agronomist for several local coops, field advisor for Monsanto and most recently ran her own crop consulting business. Sarah is still involved with the Lovas Farms with her husband Jason. Sarah and Jason have a son Axel. Sarah has been a long-time user of ADMS and is very excited to be representing that software platform and working for GK Technology.  She is also active on the ND State Board of Agriculture and Education, ND Certified Crop Advisor Board and several other boards.

Final note, she is active on Twitter, check out her feeds look for #AgronomyRocks and keep an eye out for GK tweets.

We look forward to Sarah joining the GK family, and hope she and the Lovas family feel at home!

Sarah’s contact information

GK Technology now has a ‘Corporate Office’

Mock up of the front façade

Second, GK Technology recently purchased the old “Onvoy” or “Hastad Engineering” building in Halstad, MN. GK is looking forward to renovating the building into our “Corporate Office”. This is an awesome opportunity for GK, as the building is one block away from Darin’s house. Should be a very easy commute for Darin and Cheryl. The building needs a major cleaning and some minor renovations and updating. The building has ample space for our needs at this time, lots of room for growth! Hoping that we can get parts of the building cleaned up and renovated and start using the space in the next year. It is a work in progress and we are very excited for the challenges.

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