Introducing – Truck Crop Yield Link to Greenstar Displays

We are reaching out to let you know some new and exciting news from GK Technology (GK) and KB Manufacturing (KB). For the last two years we have been working on a method to communicate with the John Deere Yield Documentation, Specialty Crop – 1120 Application Controller. The application controller allows us to send Yield data from the KB Yield Monitor through a GK Converter box, into the John Deere (JD) 1120 box. The JD 1120 box allows KB/GK Yield Data to be mapped and documented on the 2630 or 4600 series display. We have one year of data collected by Scott (owner KB) and a few other units running across the country. We have been having great success with the system. The PDF below is our new sales literature.


Details for use of this system:

  1. Must have a KB Yield Monitor system with the “Black Box” head unit in the cab with the updated Calibration chip as of 2012 or newer. System works with old units and new.
    • Yield Monitor Calibration will be done on the KB Black Box.
    • Black Box will output LBS of product going across the scale.
  2. Data will flow from the KB Black Box via the 9 pin serial port to the GK- John Deere Interface Box. This box will convert KB signals into John Deere signals.
  3. John Deere –  Yield Documentation, Specialty Crop (Application Controller 1120). This box will convert the KB/GK data into data that will appear and document on the 2630 or 4600 series JD display. The collected yield data can be tracked, monitored and downloaded via John Deere Operations Center, or downloaded from the display via USB.


  1. KB Yield Monitor – $4,500
    • Complete New System – $4,500
    • Upgrade of Cal Chip $300 (units must be sent in for Chip Swap – may incur shipping charges)
    • Most existing systems – $0
  2. GK- John Deere Interface Box – $875
  3. John Deere –  Yield Documentation, Specialty Crop (Application Controller 1120) – Estimate $1,350
    • This 1120 Controller must be purchased through John Deere. Price estimate here if from the June of 2021. Price and availability may change. KB and GK do not carry or sell this item.

If you have questions about Potato or Sugar Beet yield monitors. Please, let us know. We can help with your monitoring and mapping needs.

Have a safe and productive harvest!

GK & KB Staff